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Why Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Your Health and How our Sleepy Blend Can Help

There is nothing more relaxing and regenerative than burrowing into your blankets and pillows and bidding the world adieu. But, for many of us, a good night’s rest is an elusive concept that we rarely get a grasp on. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that most people do not get the recommended 7 hours of sleep every night, which can lead to skin issues, as well as emotional and physical health problems. When we miss out on sleep we usually don’t perform at our peak and we have trouble doing the activities we love at work and at home. In fact, a handful of catastrophic disasters were caused by sleep deprivation, including the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl. Yikes!

When you chronically lose sleep, you start to experience puffiness around the eyes, fine lines, dark circles and sallow skin which needless to say, is not the look most of us are trying to achieve. Lack of ZZZ’s can also cause forgetfulness, decreased libido and weight gain and has a great effect on the regulation of your hormones as well. This triggers an upswing in the amount of the stress hormone cortisol, and in excess, this hormone can break down your very precious collagen stores, reducing skin structure and elasticity, which can make you age like a peach in the sun.



Have No Fear! Sleepy Blend is Here…

The staggering amount of issues caused by sleep deprivation is alarming, but not to worry, all is not lost, our Sleepy Blend can help rid you of your night-time frustration and its therapeutic benefits will do your body good from the inside out, the whole night through.


How Sleepy Blend Can Help:

To ease your transition into the world of dreams, we have formulated a blend that is sure to relax, and inspire thoughts of comfort and tranquility. Our Sleepy blend is a mix of Organic Ylang Ylang Complete, Red Mandarin, Pemou, Organic Himalayan Cedarwood, Wildcrafted Cape Chamomile, and Organic Blue Tansy. Its sweet, woodsy aroma is certainly what dreams are made of, specifically when used in a diffuser when you want to create a relaxing environment in your home. Give yourself the break you deserve, with the ultimate meditation, a full night of luxurious, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Before ‘hittin’ the hay’ add 5-7 drops of Sleepy to your diffusor to help increase the amount of deep restorative sleep you get in a night and to fill the air with a slew of oils that can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and garner the ability for cells to replenish. 
  • You can mix an ounce of water along with a ½ ounce of witch hazel and 20 drops of Sleepy in a spray bottle, to create a room mist that you can spritz on your pillow when you are ready for bed. The creamy scent of the blend will ease an over-active mind and envelop the space in feelings of rejuvenation and resolution.


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