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Everything You Need to Know About White Camphor

Pungent, fresh and a veritable sledgehammer when it comes to issues relating to the upper respiratory and circulatory systems, Camphor Essential Oil holds a wealth of benefits that you can apply to almost all areas of the body and mind. Our Camphor essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the mature Camphor tree which is a species of evergreen tree that has to be aged at least 50 years in order to withstand the distillation process. This tree is chiefly native to Japan but also has various sub-species in China and Taiwan, where the wood holds unique religious and cultural significance. The wood of the Camphor tree has also been used extensively in furniture making traditions and even as a sexual stimulant to increase libido and invigorate the senses.

Lightly filtered white camphor is the only safe fraction of camphor filtration to use for aromatic and medicinal purposes. Moderately and heavily filtered brown, yellow and blue camphor are often times considered extremely toxic and carcinogenic due to their high safrole percentage.

Aside from its uses as a very effective insect repellant, white camphor can be used as an integral part of your first aid kit; calming nerves, helping alleviate coughs and congestion, and fighting infections. Its disinfectant properties even extend to your surroundings when used in a diffusor, to clear the space of any residual airborne bacteria or viruses. Its penetrating, cooling scent has sedative, mind clearing and soothing properties which broaden its already versatile range of applications.

  •       Botanical Name: Cinnamomum Camphora

  •       Botanical Family: Lauraceae
  •       Derived From: Bark of the Camphor Tree
  •       Origin: China
  •       Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
  •       Aroma: Cooling, Camphorous and Penetrating with Woody Undertone
  •       Physical Description: Clear with Thin Consistency 


  • Emotions: Known for its relaxing and desensitizing capabilities, Camphor is helpful when feelings of staleness and unrest come up physically and emotionally. This oil has the ability to restore peace and garner a sense of freshness and enlightenment when heavy thoughts arise. Often known as an aphrodisiac, Camphor has been used traditionally to boost the libido and stimulate feelings of desire and love by stimulating the portions of the brain responsible for arousal.


  • Skincare: Camphor has the ability to stimulate and activate the circulatory system, increasing blood flow, collagen production, metabolism and digestion. It can ease inflammation and irritation by creating a paradox of coolness and warmth to numb pain as well as increase body system responsiveness. Traditionally, Camphor has been used in many ointments and lotions to cure skin diseases and treat bacterial and fungal infections. It is also a great reliever of discomfort from insect bites and stings and can repel insects when used in a diffusor or when soaked into a cloth and left in an outside seating area.


  • Physical: The piercing, cooling benefits of Camphor soothe weary muscles and can be especially helpful when used in a massage blend on parts of the body experiencing pain or stiffness. Its stimulating and detoxifying properties are very helpful when it comes to reducing swelling and giving relief to rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and gout. It can be very clearing and opening and is a powerful decongestant. It works to relieve congestion of the bronchial system, including the lungs, larynx, pharynx and nasal tracts. Using this oil along with other wood based essential oils in a chest rub or cold and flu balm helps to break up phlegm and clear airways.


  • Spiritual: Camphor is believed to hold a multitude of healing powers, including the ability to uplift your mood and send your spirit on the path to a higher vibrational frequency. It has a liberating scent that elevates the mind and allows feelings of negativity, danger and fearfulness to dissolve and become less frequent. It is also a great relaxant and can stabilize nervousness and dispel apathetic feelings you might be experiencing. 

Chakras Affected...

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye

Camphor tends to activate a spiritual connection and can be used to cleanse and purify your being and cultivate happiness and protective tendencies. This portion of the spirit tends to react well to oils that support brain function and ties to the greater sense of intuition and clarity of vision. Inhaling or diffusing Camphor can help facilitate meditative and mind-opening practices. Blending the oil with Frankincense or Rosemary can be particularly useful for increased awareness and can lend to feelings of euphoria, peace and vitality. This chakra is represented by the color indigo and the physical element of light and vision.

Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra

Energetically, Camphor can represent our connection to the divine and to knowledge of self. The crown chakra is associated with the central nervous system, large muscle control and the subconscious mind. A balanced crown chakra will bring wisdom, connection and the ability to analyze our self and others with an open mind and empathetic heart. Illusions wash away and reality can be seen without any obstructive or destructive inner thoughts. This chakra brings up the color of violet and the physical element of thought.

  • Physical color: Light Brown/White
  • Oil color: Clear
  • Etheric color: White, Indigo, Violet

Cautions: Should be avoided in pregnancy and should not be administered to young children, the elderly or people suffering from epilepsy or asthma. Camphor Essential oil should not be ingested as it can be toxic and poisonous when taken internally at high doses.

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