White Camphor EO is a Medicinal Miracle

A wonderfully effective addition to any oily apothecary, White Camphor Essential Oil is a magnificent force of nature! Its signature, strong, cooling aroma matches its powerful ability to relieve a large number of ailments.

White Camphor Essential Oil is a woody elixir originating from the camphor tree which grown naturally in several parts of Asia. Over the centuries, its influence has spread throughout the world due to its vast number of medicinal uses. As a testament to its potency, during the Black Death plague harking back 14th century Europe, it was used as a fumigant and treatment for diseases such as smallpox and cholera. 

The botanical name for the Camphor tree is Cinnamomum Camphora, and White Camphor Essential Oil is extracted from the wood of this tree. It is then steam distilled into a clear oil with a thin consistency that is easily absorbed in the skin, making it useful in a range of topical treatments. 

It is commonly used as a powerful ingredient in ointments and creams for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. This signals its effectiveness in treating skin conditions such as fungus, infections, itchiness, and irritation.

Because of its cooling effect, White Camphor Essential Oil is often used to treat inflammation. Muscle aches, joint pain, and swelling may be soothed with this medicinal elixir.

Additionally, this oily ally can stimulate circulation to get the blood flowing, while also acting as a decongestant to loosen up phlegm. Furthermore, it effectively prevents and expels gas, so those with digestive disorders may find a natural solution with this plant medicine.

If insects such as moths and flies are running amok, use White Camphor Essential Oil as a powerful insect repelling solution. It is actually a prominent ingredient in mothballs!

White Camphor Essential Oil is also known for its ability to numb and desensitize the nerves in the human body. And as such, a number of nerve disorders, such as epilepsy, convulsions, and spasms are reported to be treated using this oil. 

Other mental ailments that affect the nerves, such as anxiety, can also be put to ease with White Camphor Essential Oil. Its aroma has the ability to produce relaxing properties that help put the mind to rest and reduce feelings of nervousness and agitation. Use it during meditation to expel the mind of anxious, negative thoughts that distract from the present moment.

You can find unique recipes with White Camphor Essential Oil below!

Calming Diffusion for Anxiety and Nerves

Breathe in this diffusion to settle your nerves and bring you into a state of tranquility. 

Foot Fungus Remedy

Soothe those funky feet with this potent organic blend!

Apply the blend onto the infected area and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Repeat daily.

Bloating Be Gone Blend

Allow the anti-inflammatory properties of these essential oils to ease bloating and abdominal pain. 

Gently rub into the abdominal area.

White Camphor Essential Oil will soon be the star of your oily apothecary! If you are feeling called to employ a wide array of healing and therapeutic benefits, we invite you to make White Camphor Essential Oil part of your collection.

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