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Despite its modern-day relegation to the world of all things pickled, Dill has much more to offer outside of its current use in the culinary world. Dill Essential Oil can certainly be a tricky one to work with, as it can oftentimes take over a blend or can leave you smelling like you got caught with your hand in the pickle jar, but it hosts a world of therapeutic benefits and when diffused with other fresh bright scents it can leave you with feelings of revitalization and balance.

The common name Dill actually originates from old Norse and means to calm or soothe. First documentations of medicinal use reach far into the Mediterranean and Western Africa. This aromatic herb has been used for at least 5,000 years, first by the ancient Egyptians as a calmative and pain reliever and also as an aphrodisiac as well as a harbinger/deterrent of evil spirits or presences. Dill was also worn as an adornment by Roman athletes and heroes as a symbol of wealth and good fortune. Soldiers would apply a poultice made from dill seeds to their bodies and particularly to their wounds to speed up healing and recovery. This often overlooked, underutilized herb has quite the history and seems to have played a major role in medicinal practices all over the world.

Dill has so many wonderful indications that aid in the health of mind, body, and soul. You’d be hard pressed to find an arena this oil doesn’t dominate! It has a warm, spicy aroma that is herbaceous and uplifting. Its smell tends to relieve feelings of anxiety and sadness and is a great mood enhancer.

Wondering what you can use our Dill Essential Oil for?

Dill is a wonderful disinfectant as well as a great facilitator of digestion and overall gastrointestinal health, hence its use in the preservation and flavoring of various foods. You can use our Dill Essential Oil in similar ways by adding 2-3 drops when canning vegetables or by adding 1 drop to a shot of apple cider vinegar when your stomach is upset or when you’re having digestive issues.

After an especially large or heavy meal a drop of Dill can be added to your favorite herbal tea blend to grease the wheels in your belly and purify the inner workings of your body.

Using a dilution of Dill Essential Oil along with a carrier oil on cuts and sores can help kill harmful bacteria and reduce the formation of scar tissue. It can even be used as an aid in lactation when applied to the breasts before breastfeeding.

Another way to incorporate Dill Essential Oil into your daily routine is to use diffuse it as an anxiety and stress reducer and as a tummy tamer.

This blend is sure to fill your hearth and home with lively, renewing scents and create an atmosphere of bright yumminess.

Some things to remember:

Dill may cause allergic reactions in people that are allergic to plants in the carrot family.

It has a tendency to lower blood sugar, so those folks with diabetes or hypoglycemia should monitor their reaction to this oil.

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