Try These Essential Oils for Focus

For many of us, fall means back to school for the little ones, which gives us big kids time to re-focus our energies on work and other creative endeavors. This year, however, things may be switching up! With the recent changes of 2020, working and schooling from home is becoming more common, which presents both additional challenges and benefits.

(By the way, have you ever heard of unschooling?)

Challenge: Working in a new environment can be mentally exhausting. Things may feel different and lack the traditional structure of a work/school place. For those who are not used to it, we may need to make some adjustments to find our groove.

Benefit: We can relax in the comfort of our own homes, and let go of some of that societal hustle and bustle. We can also compliment the things we do at home by diffusing our favorite essential oils!

And with that benefit in mind, let’s explore some of our top recommendations for essential oils and blends that are perfect for dialing in just the right work from home/ homeschooling environment

A perfect blend of herbs and citrus scents that are known to boost memory and focus. Find the perfect uplift that you need to sharpen the mind and the senses for sustained mental acuity.

A penetrating blend of woodsy and citrus aromas that are known to boost memory and focus. Used to sharpen the mind and the senses. This blend can help you strike that perfect balance of calmness and focused attention.

Perk up with this high-frequency plant medicine that is sure to invigorate the mind and get those creative juices flowing! Feel your mental focus stand to attention as soon as the aroma fills the room.

If you find Peppermint’s aroma to be too perky for the mood of the day, a fun alternative is Spearmint Essential Oi. It’s useful in the same way as peppermint, with a slightly milder aroma.

This is another one of those essential oils that at the precise moment of inhalation, the mental and energetic body is overcome with refreshment! Eucalyptus Essential Oil offers a distinct, penetrating, camphorous aroma that is highly valued for bringing clarity.

*Eucalyptus Essential Oil should be used cautiously around young children. 


From traditions in Ancient Greece to modern aromatherapy, Rosemary Essential Oil is especially known for boosting memory and other cognitive abilities. This is the perfect oil to have on hand during a test or presentation.

Citrus essential oils, in any variety, are an oily staple for bringing the energetic vibes to life. And once our frequency is tuned in and turned on, then our mental clarity will surely follow suit.

You can mix and match any of these oils as you see fit to formulate the perfect high-frequency, mental acuity blend that brings your brain state into superb focus. Once you’ve found your perfect blend, don’t forget to share your recipe with us on social media by tagging @miraclebotanicals on Facebook or Instagram!

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