Tap into Spiritual Connection with Cosmic Journey Essential Oil Blend

 Miracle Botanicals Cosmic Journey BlendNamed because it feels like a voyage to the infinite cosmos, Miracle Botanicals’ Cosmic Journey Blend is for those who are ready to examine the energies and relationship of our surroundings, awaken latent spiritual abilities, and guide those of us who walk the path of light. Just as our Wisdom & Stillness Blend is for looking inward and examining oneself through the lens of introspection, our Cosmic Journey Blend is for looking outward and examining oneself through the lens of extrospection.

Cosmic Journey carries woody, resinous, smoky, earthy aromas thanks to Dark Aged Patchouli, CO2 Extracted Myrrh, Buddha Wood, Spikenard, and Agarwood Oud essential oils. Depth is added to the earthy fragrances by sweet, citrus, floral notes from Neroli, Wildcrafted Orange, and Copaiba essential oils.

This synergistic blend is a stellar choice for awakening the third eye chakra, a window into the spiritual world. Pessimism, uncertainty and confusion are common problems people experience while the third eye chakra is blocked, but by applying a small amount of the Cosmic Journey Blend between the eyebrows, the boundary between the self and the spirit dissolves, releasing the unlimited potential of the mind, allowing for enhanced perception in both the physical and spiritual worlds, and deepening the spiritual connection to the universe. When the third eye chakra is unblocked, people experience improved mental clarity, decisiveness and intuition, allowing us to see the true world (both physical and spiritual) to assess our environment and the energy surrounding us.

Because this piercing oil may give rise to an increased sensitivity to the true world, it may also be used in 5D ascension and developing the mind-body-spirit connection. A brilliant choice to aid lightworkers, healers and those on the path of light going through the growing pains of ascension, adjusting to the higher vibration, and shifting consciousness. This incisive blend can amplify a starseed’s intuitive and spiritual abilities.

Beyond the metaphysical attributes, our Cosmic Journey Blend is a wonderful and healing addition to your oily apothecary. This rejuvenating and stimulating blend was originally designed to be used with body oils. These oils were carefully selected by our founder, Hope Johnson, for a friend who requested Patchouli be blended with complementary oils for the body. The thoughtful blend of these oils, once mixed with carrier oil and applied to the body, has numerous fruitful benefits. Cosmic Journey Blend leads to moisturized, glowing skin, helps reduce scarring and wrinkles, improves elasticity, and promotes the generation of new cells. This blend is helpful and soothing for those afflicted by stretch marks and acne scarring, or those who have conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis.

See how you can use this blend in the recipes below…

True World Solution

This recipe is used to help awaken the third eye chakra, increasing spiritual awareness and sensitivity to the true world.

Mix Cosmic Journey Blend gently with carrier oil in a glass bowl. Apply a drop between the eyebrows, right on top of the Third Eye. 

Mind-Body-Spirit Diffusion

Use this recipe to increase the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, dissolving the boundaries we place between the three. Recommended for diffusion in meditation and prayer spaces, but this diffusion is good for any ceremonial or ritual space.

Mix oils gently in a glass bowl. Pour into diffuser.

Path of Light Healing Salve

This is a healing blend of oils that is especially beneficial for scarring, stretch marks, and other skin maladies. 

Blend oils together and apply to the affected areas daily. 

Miracle Botanicals’ Cosmic Journey Essential Oil Blend, with both spiritual and physical benefits, is an extraordinary option for anyone, whether they walk the path of light or are  looking for alternative remedies.

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