Find Complete Balance with Spikenard Essential Oil

Spikenard was discovered by the Ancient Egyptians, used as a luxurious aromatic, including anointing Cleopatra and King Tuts tomb. In India, Spikenard was used in Ayurvedic practices in hair preparations to calm the mind while also preventing hair loss.

In the Bible, Spikenard oil was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint Jesus feet before his burial. To anoint the feet with Spikenard was considered a humbling act, and in Marys case, an act of worship and appreciation for Jesus.

Spikenard Essential Oil is a highly regarded healing and spiritual oil that has been used throughout the world for thousands of years.

Spikenard originates in Nepal and the Himalayan Mountains. Spikenard can be harvested by removing a portion of the plants rhizome (bundle of roots) in early spring or late fall. However, it may take years for the plants to produce sizable rhizomes.

Spikenard has been shown to instill relaxation, heart openness, and spiritual connection. It can be used to relieve emotional tension, heal multiple physical ailments, and uplift ones spirits.

Explore the Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

Balance Emotions: Spikenard Essential Oil relaxes the mind and relieves emotional tension. The oil can be diffused throughout the home to lift the spirits and inspire the heart.

Spikenard can be used to calm the deepest forms of anxiety by calming the heart, sedating the mind, and instilling a profound sense of peace. The oil is indicated for those having trouble finding a stable ground with emotional ease and spiritual certainty.

Ultimate Skin Health: Spikenard nourishes and regenerates the skin by stimulating blood circulation as well as lymph and nerve supply. The oil is highly for dry and mature skin and will relieve irritation, inflammation, and psoriasis.

Note: Spikenard Essential Oil must be diluted when using on facial skin. See Methods of Usage below for special skin dilution instructions.

Physical Healing: Medicinally, Spikenard Essential Oil can be used for dozens of purposes. The oil serves as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. This helps to heal, relax, and stimulate the overall immune system and ones entire physical well-being.

The oil will also aid in the regeneration of cells, blood circulation, and secretion of enzymes. Spikenard is especially useful as a deodorant to fully absorb its healing benefits.

Meditation and Prayer: Spikenard Essential Oil opens the heart chakra and allows relief of deeply buried grief and resentments, making room for feelings of love and compassion. The oil will help clear energy blockages, anxiety, worry, making Spikenard an excellent meditation component.

Spikenard will activate ones sensitivity to a higher vibrational fulfillment, removing focus from the mundane and allowing attention to flow into complete bliss.

Balancing and Enhancing the Upper and Lower Chakras

Root Spikenard is one of the top grounding essential oils, as it stabilizes ones mind and soul, while connecting one to the earths energies. The oil also helps one transcend fear and feel secure.

Sacral The Sacral chakra governs our well-being, creativity, and sexuality. Spikenard allows one to let go of unwanted thoughts and emotion, causing more focus on ones creativity. The oil also supports physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Sexually, spikenard is scientifically proven to enhance the senses, allowing for deeper intimate experiences.

Solar Plexus Spikenard balances the Solar Plexus Chakra in a deeply calming sense. The oil soothes and liberates the soul and releases emotional and physical tension that is stored in the Solar Plexus.

Third Eye Spikenard corrects all sixth chakra imbalances. Physically, the oil increases blood and lymph circulation, which increases functioning of the brain, eyes, ears, and pineal gland. Also, place spikenard on the third eye to relieve headaches.

Emotionally, spikenard instills humility, which will balance insecurity and egoism. Spiritually, spikenard quiets the mind and connects the third eye to the rest of the body.

Crown In the Crown Chakra, Spikenard spikes divine commitment and devotion. It also helps one undergo transitions and changes without losing sight of ones peaceful center.

Spikenards physical and etheric colors can have effects on ones aura

Spikenard Essential Oil may be used safely and effectively the following ways

Different Methods of Using Spikenard Essential Oil

Neat: Place a drop or two directly onto clean and intact skin. A couple drops on the wrists, shoulders, temples or neck imparts a beautiful aroma and can be an effective remedy for stress and nervous depression. To use as deodorant, place a drop or two in each armpit. 

Blended with Carrier Oil: Use 60 drops (2ml) per 1 oz of carrier oil such as Argan or Hemp oil, for a 10% dilution, and massage over any area where you would like for healing to occur. This dilution is ideal for facial skin. For more sensitive and mature skin, start out with using 15 drops drops per 1oz for a 2.5% dilution.

Bath: Place 8 drops into 3 handfuls of bath salt and disperse. For a milk bath add 8 drops into whole milk. 

Diffusor: Add about 8 drops to a cup of water.

Room Deodorizer: Add 15 drops per 2oz distilled water and spray as desired.

Shower Method Blend: Add 60 drops of Spikenard Essential Oil into 1oz carrier oil like Tamanu OilForaha. As your pores are opening while in the shower apply a number of drops all over your body. 

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