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Relax and Calm with Vetiver

Seeking calmness in your life? Try Vetiver Pure Essential Oil. Vetivers purpose is to help ground and stabilize the emotions. It relaxes hyperactive minds and nurtures an insecure self. Vetiver also stimulates the endocrine glands and circulatory system, while helping lower rapid heart rate and returning the body to a calmer state.

The fragrance of Vetiver is earthy, somewhat musty, heavy, spicy, deep, dark woody and full. Vetiver has the scent of Mother Earth, mysteriously hidden in a deep, dark recess, drawing on the fullness of her life-giving energy.

Vetiver essential oil can reconnect those who have lost touch with the earths energies or with their roots, and nourish people who have cold feet. Vetiver works well to bring people with their heads in the clouds back down to to Earth and re-establish their connection. Sexual energies can also become more peaceful and grounded by Vetiver.

Vetiver is wonderful for massages, baths, lotions, perfumes and in a diffuser. Vetiver can also be used to treat skin conditions, (especially beneficial for staph infections) and can relieve inflammation in circulatory and nervous systems.

Vetiver originated in Northern India.

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