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The Essence of Aphrodite: Organic Myrtle Essential Oil

Stone relief in Acropolis of an ancient Greek myrtle wreath used to symbolize the Goddess Aphrodite.

By Lori Harrison

With the essence of a god/goddess and the strength an Olympian, Organic Myrtle Essential Oil has long been known as a wellness tool that can ease discomfort and bring balance, clarity and bliss to those who wear it.

Bring Wholeness and Wellness into Life with Organic Myrtle Essential Oil!

 Organic Myrtle Essential Oil is an incredibly helpful essential oil to add to an essential oil aid kit. Feel supported, balanced and reassured with a few heavenly whiffs.

Myrtus Communis is a beautiful and fragrant evergreen bush with deep green leaves and white, star-like flowers. It is native to North Africa and found all over the Meditterean.

Myrtle Essential Oil has been known to calm inflammation, tone the skin, aid in sleep, increase focus and connection, support healthy respiratory function and ease nervous tension. 

A Useful Tool Dating Back to Ancient Cultures

Many early cultures highly valued Myrtle and was often referred to as the essence of The Garden of Eden.  Myrtle has been known to invite protection, purity, love, beauty and blessings from God. 

The Greeks assigned Myrtle to the Goddess Aphrodite and adorned the victors of the early Olympic Games with Myrtle Wreaths.  Roman women would hold rituals and festivals to celebrate Venus, by bathing in myrtle infused water and perfuming their hair and clothes with its deodorizing and fresh scent.

Reach Restorative Sleep with Organic Myrtle Essential Oil

Sleep is so important for us all to keep our body and minds healthy and strong. Aromatherapy can be used to help feel soothed and relaxed at bedtime. This is a great tool when putting a child to sleep at night. A gentle massage on the chest and back with Organic Myrtle Essential Oil (diluted with a Carrier Oil) before bed may help a child (and guardian) fall asleep and STAY asleep. This is a gentle way to help feel safe and provide reassurance they are protected from any “monsters under the bed”, nightmares, and ease stress.

Bring Life to Relationships & Expand To the Stars During Meditation

Looking to revitalize relationships in life? Meditate with Organic Myrtle Essential Oil and expand to the stars! Venus is the planet of love, known for relationship support.

Tap into expansive love and warmth during meditation by putting focus toward Venus, the Changer of Hearts. Feel open, balanced and find joyous pleasure in relations and connections. Diffuse Myrtle Essential Oil and apply topically to blanket the atmosphere in an enchanting and relaxing aroma. Feel the heart open for a deep spiritual connection. 

Organic Myrtle Essential Oil is a light, clean and refreshing scent. It is not overtly perfumey and makes a great essential oil for hair and skin products as well. Connect and relate to this essential oil in a positive and uplifting way!

Below are a few lovingly created recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Easeful Sleep Blend

Mix in a roller ball and apply to chest, neck, low back and bottoms of feet.  Gently massage those areas for a few minutes, before falling sleep.

Soothing Facial Tonic

Self Care for the face can be as easy as a quick spritz of this clean and fresh facial tonic.

Mix together the Organic Myrtle EO and Melissa Hydrosol in a small glass bottle and apply using a cotton ball in the morning and at night.  

Try appling using a small 2 oz spray bottle for a quick spritzer after working out, whenever skin feels oily, or to cool down when feeling stressed.  This soothing facial tonic will calm and clear the skin, give a gentle deodorant effect, and rejuvenate the mind spirits with the clean fresh scent of Myrtle and Melissa.

Aphrodisiac Heart Blend

We all desire to connect with our hearts truth.  Wear this blend and feel closer, connected and expanded in love.

Mix essential oils with carrier oil in a rollerball for anywhere/anytime application.  This intoxicating aroma is great for both women and men. Apply to wrists, behind ears, and lower abdomen to help feel balanced and open in loving passionate connection.

Organic Myrtle Essential Oil is a divine oil in its own right.  Subtle yet strong, this fragrance promotes calm, restorative comfort.  If called to experience the powers of Organic Myrtle Essential Oil view more from our listing here

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