Organic Lavandin Essential Oil Profile

Organic Lavandin Essential Oil is a beautiful hybrid lavender that is powerfully soothing, deeply relaxing and plentiful. Celebrate healing with this miracle oil!

Lavandin is a Hybrid plant, that occurs naturally between “true” lavender and spike lavender.

The first occurrence of this hybrid plant was found in France and was initially used exclusively for French perfumes. Lavandin has a strong but sweet lavender-like scent but is more potent aromatically, with more herbal camphor undertones. 

Historical trivia: Lavandin was once used for snake bites with hunting dogs!  Hunters used Lavandin to prevent infection and as a pain reliever for their dogs when the injury occurred.

Compare Lavandin to Lavander

How they’re Different…

Lavandin is more energizing as it yields a much higher concentration of camphor than lavender. Lavender is commonly used as a sedative while Lavandin is not.

Lavandin is NOT for burns. Lavender has been used for thousands of years, undiluted, for the treatment of burns. But probably don’t try this with with Lavandin. It’s commonly belived that Lavandin will exacerbate the issue. 

(Interestingly, this author wasn’t able to find out what chemicals in Lavender make it good for burns. Lavander is anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but so is Lavandin as well as many other essential oils. What makes lavander so good for healing burns is a mystery to me, but I’m not going to argue with thousands of years of empirical evidence.  I’m also not about to try Lavandin to see if it exacerbates a burn injury.)

Lavandin smells sweeter and less medicinal than Lavender. That’s why it’s known as “French Perfume”. I’ve seen some information online that flips these around, saying that Lavender is sweeter than Lavandin. I think these authors received misinformation and were using it to fill blog space. I can say from experience over time and from sampling the 5 different lavender essential oils and 2 Lavandin essential oils that I have in stock that Lavandin is sweeter aromatically than Lavender.

Lavandin is more of an expectorant than Lavender due to its higher concentration of camphor, which means it will likely work better for helping to clear mucus from the sinuses and from the system overall.

How they’re the Same…

Anti-inflammatory. Both Lavander and lavandin have anti-inflammatory properties, and they’re used as a remedy for muscle aches, headaches, and physical tension.

Nervine. Both essential oils are helpful for soothing the nerves and helping us to feel more centered. Using either essential oil is a  wonderful oil to counteract anxiety, to help relax the brain, and for healthy sleep. 

Anxiety and Sleep. Lavandin has been examined scientifically over the years in relation to pre-operative anxiety in sleep studies. While Lavandin is more energizing than Lavandin, when anxiety is reduced, it naturally results in more restful sleep.

Beauty and Skincare. Lavandin has been used since shortly after it was introduced in the 1900’s in beauty, skincare and home products. Lavender has a history in beauty and skincare that spans thousands of years.

A Universal Healer

Lavandin, like lavender, is a universal healer when used in applications for energy and chakra systems. Most closely linked with the 7th Chakra- The Crown and the 5th Chakra- The Throat. 

The deep blueish purple of Lavandin is energetically soothing and calming and it opens us up to allow for clarity of thought, deeper connections and understanding, and strength of voice when speaking. 

When struggling with finding confidence in the voice, clarity in ideas, or creative ventures, try using Lavandin on the throat and crown to feel calm, activated, and aligned.

Organic Lavandin Essential Oil is also an oil of abundance. Lavandin grows readily and has much higher yields than “true lavender”. 

This makes Miracles Botanicals Organic Lavandin Essential Oil accessible and inexpensive, while still being potent and powerful healing for physical and metaphysical needs.

Looking for some tenderness? Try the recipes below for gentle healing and comfort with Organic Lavandin Essential Oil.

Lavish Refresher Spray

This lavish refresher spray is good for all-day usage.  Using it for a morning pick me up, after working out, or before a big event!


Mix essential oils in a 2-ounce glass spray bottle and fill up with spring water.  Use anytime you need a quick refreshing pick me up.  It’s a deodorant, an energy balancer, and an easy way to find calm in challenging moments.

Lav-a-licious bath soak

Soothe aching muscles, relax stress away and calm inflammation in the body with this lucious bath soak.

In a container mix carrier oil and essential oils first, then blend into epsom salts.  Add one cup to the bath and enjoy this relaxing and soothing blend, and allow any troubles to dissolve down the drain.

Laver Hand Sanitizer

This sanitizer spray is fresh and clean and leaves hands germ free.

Mix alcohol and essential oils in a 2 ounce spray bottle.  Toss in your bag and use whenever it is needed to freshen up on the go.  If you want to make sure your hands stay nice and moisturized, add a few drops of your favorite carrier oil and keep hands soft and germ free.

Organic Lavandin Essential Oilorganic lavandin essential oil is super soothing and an oil of abundance. Lavandin can provide gentle sleep support, relief for anxiety and stress. It is a complimentary oil for many beauty and cleaning essentials used in the home. Adding this to your collection may bring in the healing and abundance that you need!

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