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Mellow Out With Malu Tranquility Blend

“Malu” is a feminine Polynesian namesake related to the principle of “peace.” Our Malu Tranquility Blend is a love-infused remedy that promotes a sense of this valuable principle. Its soft, sweet aroma will transport you to a place of serenity while offering more restful sleep, enhanced pleasant feelings, a sense of stability, and even natural skincare benefits.

Malu Tranquility Blend consists of nine 100% pure, high-frequency essential oils; Lavender, Red Juniper, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang Complete, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Indonesian Vetiver, Vanilla, and Hawaiian Sandalwood. This therapeutic combination creates an aromatic experience of absolute bliss! Imagine yourself in the middle of a lush garden, surrounded by sweet-smelling spring flowers and verdant trees. 

The sense of peace that one can experience while using Malu Tranquility Blend is like no other! This organic mixture is created with intention, love, and serenity.  When anxiety, stress, and negative feelings start to surface, use this blend can assist the feeling of ease that your mind, body, and soul crave.

For those that are often tossing and turning in their sleep, Malu Tranquility Blend may pave the path to enter into an ethereal dream state. Breathe in the benefits just before bed to purify your bedroom and facilitate a sense of relaxation throughout the night.

If you happen to be looking for a soothing skincare remedy, Malu Tranquility Blend is doubly beneficial. Red Juniper Wood Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory and supports cell regeneration, while Ho Wood Essential Oil can greatly reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil is effective in regulating sebum production in oily, acne-prone skin, whereas Roman Chamomile Essential Oil has been used to deal with a range of skin issues such as rashes, eczema, and psorias. Vanilla Essential Oil is commonly used as an anti-aging agent that reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Overall, the Malu Tranquility Blend can become a powerful serum that meets a number of your skincare needs!

Those that feel as though they lack a foundation in life and find themselves in a place of imbalance can use Malu Tranquility Blend to promote healing of the root chakra. Improve your sense of stability and find the necessary healing you need to become more grounded. We all desire to feel safe in life, and we hope that you may find comfort with our Malu Tranquility Blend

Get the most out of Malu Tranquility Blend with these three recipes! 

Burnout Relief Bath

On the verge of total burnout? Transport yourself to a vast, colorful garden filled with blooming flowers with this bath that promotes peace and serenity.

Place 5-10 drops of essential oil and the recommended dose of epsom salt into a warm bath. Add bubble bath soap and rose petals for an increased relaxing experience.

Scar Reducing Serum

Heal scars, stretch marks, and rejuvenate the skin with this powerful serum! 

Blend and apply onto scars once a day.

Grounding Diffusion

If you are feeling shaky and lack stability in your life, place this oil in your diffuser and breathe it in as you meditate. Allow it to inspire groundedness and listen for the inspired direction needed to create a life of more stability.

That’s it. No other oils needed. We’ve already formulated the perfect recipe. 

Malu Tranquility Blend is the ultimate facilitator of serenity and peace! Set your intention on making it a key part of your healing journey.

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