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Lavender for All Healing Needs

lavender-essential-oilLavender is one of the most beloved plants with its divinely fragrant calming aroma and beautiful light purple flowers.

lavender-essential-oilLavender essential oil has many healing properties and grows all over the world. Both the leaves and the flowers of lavender are potently fragrant.

Lavender is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and dispels intestinal gas. It is very healing to damaged skin and is great to apply to scars and burns to promote recovery. Lavender is also antifungal and is very effective against Candida and athletes foot.

Lavender essential oil can also be used as a muscle relaxant and is also anxiolytic is beneficial in helping relieve insomnia. To help promote a good night sleep pour a few drops of our Pure Lavender Essential Oil on your pillow and rub a few drops on your temples to promote relaxation and sweet dreams.

Lavender is wonderful to use in a massage oil as it is both calming but gently stimulating and feels great on sore muscles.

Lavender is known to balance and calm emotions and promotes the opening of the heart and crown chakra, allowing you to release anxiety and open to more joy.

See our full Lavender Essential Oil Profile.

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