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Inula Essential Oil (Fragrant Aster)- A Breath of Pure Sunshine!

Inula flower essential oil

Inula Essential Oil is a rare and potent oil, that has been traditionally used to support respiratory function, reduce joint pain and inflammation and is a great beauty aid for those with oily skin. Best of all, Inula Essential Oil is like a breath of sunshine straight out of a bottle!

Sunshine in a Bottle
Inula, or Inula Graveolens (also known as fragrant aster), is a rare essential oil that originates from the Mediterranean. The small yellow and white flowers are steam distilled in small batches, making this oil very precious. Inula Essential Oil is traditionally used in aromatherapy for relief from respiratory issues like asthma, sinus congestion and colds. Inula has also been used to relieve joint pain associated with arthritis and has shown effectiveness in calming overactive sebum production in the skin.

Deep Breath
Using Inula for respiratory support is the most popular and researched application of Inula. This is because Inula graveolens contains close to 26% borneol, which makes it an effective antibacterial agent. Inula Essential Oil is known for loosening mucous and relieving deep congestion due to its antitussive and expectorant properties. Using Inula Essential Oil can relieve and lessen the symptoms of acute conditions like coughs, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. This is due to its mucolytic and bronchospasmolytic activity, along with many other properties mentioned.

Ayurvedic Applications
From an Ayurvedic perspective, Inula Essential Oil can be useful for reducing excess kapha, lethargy, and congestion.  To help relieve excess kapha and uplift the body and spirit, Inula Essential Oil can be used along with dietary adaptions and physical exercise, to allow the systems to open up, lighten up and get you moving again!

Below are a few recipes that you can use to help relieve congestion, uplift your energy, and tone the skin using Inula Essential Oil.

Breathe Easy

If you are experiencing acute breathing issues, using Inula Essential Oil in the diffuser can be very helpful in promoting easy breathing, opening pathways, and reducing inflammation.

Mix essential oils in your diffuser and enjoy the freshness of this respiratory blend.  

Start the Day Bright with Inula Essential Oil!

Get your day started right and keep it feeling bright all day with this personal diffuser blend!

Using a personal pocket diffuser: add essential oils to the cotton insert and inhale periodically through the day to uplift and reinvigorate your senses, reduce lethargy, increase motivation and remain open to great possibilities.

Sunshine Skin

Keep skin feeling fresh, radiant and clear using this toning blend!

Add essential oils to 1/4 cup of witchhazel in a small container. Using a reusable face cloth, apply mixture to face, neck and chest morning and night.  This is especially helpful for hormonal skin, oily skin, and reducing acne breakouts and congestion in the skin.  

Inula Essential Oil is like a ray of sunshine in a bottle! Used historically for respiratory and emotional support, this high-frequency plant medicine also blesses us with its uplifting and empowering fragrance. If you are feeling like you may need a little more sunshine and deep breath in your life, Inula Essential Oil may be calling to you…

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