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How to Meditate with Essential Oils

This article is about How to Meditate with Essential Oils from my own personal experience. Your experience may be different, so if you feel inspired please use this as a guideline and see for yourself what is useful from your unique point of view.

Meditation is the most natural state. Whats unnatural is identification with any of the thoughts that pass like clouds in the sky of awareness.

What keeps meditation from happening is belief that the thoughts occurring in the mind define the self. For instance, theres a thought that says I am meditating now, and then theres a thought that says Im not meditating, Im thinking. The truth is that there is no I that can be defined by thoughtthere is only pure awareness. The experience of being pure awareness is mediation.

Essential oils can help uncover the natural state of being because they communicate through aroma and energy that which can be sensed before the thinking mind. When the thinking mind is experienced as non-personal and non-local, negative influences, limitations and unhealthy habit patterns are naturally dissolvedthus opening the mind to blessings beyond belief, and ultimately Enlightenment.

Heres how to tap in to this wondrous power

(The essential oils and techniques I mention here are only a guidelinea representation of what works for me. All of these techniques can be used simultaneously or not. Please use your intuition and experiment with what works best for you)

Training the Mind to Reject Fantasy and Recognize Your True Identity:

Once your chosen essential oils are in place. Sit perfectly still (or practice a moving meditation such as yoga or tai chi) and focus your attention on the aromas and the flow of the breath. Dont try to change anything about your breathing. Just notice it.

Notice where the breath enters near the tip of your nose and notice how it feels as the breath flows in and out of  your body. Again, dont try to change anything about the breath, and dont try to analyze it.

Whether your breath is deep or shallow, labored or easy doesnt matterjust notice. Thoughts will come, and when you become aware that thinking is happening, see if you can sense the essential oils aromas and the flow of the breath that breathes your body once more.

Keep returning the focus of your attention like this again and again. Dont get distracted by thoughts about the mind being led astray, or for how long you have been thinking. These are just more thoughts that should be regarded the same as all otherssimply keep returning to the sense of smell and sensation of breath.

It doesnt matter how long or how often the mind is led astray. Every time it comes back to focus on present moment sensations, unconscious habit patterns are being dissolved and consciousness is returning to the natural state of being.

This can be done with or without a timer. You might want to start with 5 minutes and work up from there. Any amount of time invested in this way pays dividends forever.

Enjoy your practice, and eventually you will be able to carry it with you throughout all of the particulars of your life. 

Power to your Practice and much Aloha!!

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