How Essential Oils Work

Essential oils have become a household phrase in recent years, and although many people are still using them purely for their aroma, natural essential oils have so much more to offer.  In this article, we’ll explore how essential oils may work as a remedy for a wide variety of common and even supposedly “untreatable” symptoms and ailments.

Essential oils for healing aromatherapy

So how do essential oils work? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain.”

It sounds esoteric, right, that we can smell something pleasant to our senses, and it triggers healing?! You may find this difficult to believe; however, there’s some serious science backing it up. 

According to that science, olfactory nerves (the nerves that allow human beings to sense odors) are directly connected to the limbic system of the brain, and their stimulation by the aroma of pure essential oils causes immediate (though not always consciously perceived) healing responses within the brain. 

Digging deeper into how essential oils work, breathing in essential oil scents, even just once, stimulates the brain to repair and rewire neurological pathways. Practiced over time, aromatherapy with essential oils facilitates a deepening sense of connection to everything and an elevated state of being. 

Essential oils - messengers of health & Wellbeing

Essential oils engender joy, freedom, wisdom, and lightness. They have been referred to as “biological messengers” or “chemical messengers,” because they seem to teach the brain how to achieve homeostasis for the body. I’ve observed that inhaling their aroma or applying essential oils diluted in a carrier oil immediately encourages deeper, more relaxed breathing, which supports the supply of blood and oxygen to the organs, tissues, bones, blood, cells and brain.

Our bodies are phenomenal, meaning they are perceived through the senses. They have no reality beyond that. Breath patterns that can be observed through the body’s senses reflect emotional patterns which are determined by belief. 

Ultimately, our beliefs may go a long way toward determining our physical health, happiness and perception. Plants and humans share the same goal, to resolve beliefs that hold us in a state of victimization, sickness, fear, depression, and conflict.

Yet, plants vibrate at much lighter energetic frequencies than human bodies, because they don’t have a conceptual mind speaking to them day in and day out. Plants are consciously aware of our mental predicament, and they are also aware of our Eternal reality.

Through cellular permeation, pure essential oils work by delivering messages from the etheric realms, which translate into specific chemical instructions stimulating the healing action of hormones, metabolism and immune function. They also support a proper balance of the microbial populace within the body, clear emotional disturbances, and much more.

Moreover, pure essential oils do not seem to accumulate in the body. Apparently, they are expressed within hours of use, so basically, they deliver gentle healing guidance and then return to the formless realm. In this way, pure essential oils are truly holistic medicine.

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