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Flourish in the New Year with Four Wise Men

By Lori Jacobsen

One of the most versatile, gentle, and divine essential oils is Frankincense. In the Miracle Botanicals Four Wise Men Frankincense Blend, you get FOUR of the most coveted Frankincense oils in one bottle.

This 100% pure, therapeutic blend contains Boswellia Carterii, Boswellia Frereana, Boswellia Sacra, Boswellia Papyrifera which offers powerful, grounding, sweet, resinous, fresh, woody and spicy aromas.

Use of the Boswellia tree resin has been traced to ancient civilizations, where it was used in trade, medicine and cosmetics. Because it’s so valued and has so many useful properties, it’s also been part of many religions and cultural rituals from Africa, Europe and Asia. Today, continued use of Frankincense is global and it is used as a spiritual tool to clear spaces as part of ritual, as a calming agent during meditation and as a beauty and health aid for a variety of imbalances.

The collective power of these FOUR Frankincenses will help you maintain your temple body to its royal highness. Anoint yourself daily with this intelligent blend to uplift your spirits and empower and invigorate your divine being and all your spaces.

Use this ancient medicine to heal your mind, as a remedy for your body and to uplift your spirit with confidence, as there are current medical trials going on to test Frankincense’s strength as an anti-inflammatory to assist with conditions such as: Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.

Another ancient use for relief of bronchial issues like coughing and wheezing is also being tested, along with use in dental care to prevent bad breath, ease toothaches, cavities and mouth sores. One of the biggest medical studies happening with Frankincense now is investigating how its compounds may help kill cancer cells and prevent tumors from spreading. This ancient remedy may provide relief for many patients who suffer from these potentially devastating illnesses. Frankincense is an all-around hero!

Beyond medicine, using Frankincense as part of your beauty and self-care routine is holistically supportive to the immune, integumentary, and iambic systems through dermal absorption. Its calming aroma also has a grounding effect which can assist with the reduction of stress and anxiety; all the while rejuvenating and healing the skin, restoring tone, diminishing blemishes and other imperfections.

Recipes Featuring Four Wise Men Blend

Abundance Ritual Spray

Use for its calming and restorative assistance at the beginning of your meditation or anytime you want to clear your space to propel you towards abundance!

Mix with Spring Water in a small glass spray bottle. Spray Liberally and Luxuriously!

Cleopatra Beauty Oil

Treat yourself like the divine beauty that you are with the reputed regenerative properties of Frankincense and Flowers.

Mix in a small glass pump bottle. Apply 2 drops of beauty oil on fingertips, start with fingers in middle of forehead (third eye), gentle pat from center out over brow ridge, around temples and under eyes, gently trace from nose to chin, pat around mouth and out over jaw and back up sides of face to start. Repeat 3 times. Then with 2 more drops gently stroke upward from collar bones, up neck over face to hair line.

Poise yourself to thrive and flourish with the power of the Four Wise Men Frankincense blend: helping you heal, uplift and enlighten your whole divine being.

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