Meet the Johnson Family

Hope Johnson

Ever since mama Hope was introduced to essential oil after the birth of our third child, these precious plant spirits have become part of our family’s daily life and over time every aspect of our lives has been transformed.

Hope is also focused on regularly sharing spiritual wisdom with others, both in-person and online. She is an author and has regular group meetings on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Learn more at

Tony Johnson

Tony enjoys tending gardens, growing food and supporting his family in many different ways. He’s a spiritually minded man who is devoted to his wife and kids. Tony has always supported Hope in whatever decisions she made with respect to their children. He is also instrumental in the Johnson family business, Miracle Botanicals, helping out wherever he can be of the most service, such as lifting heavy objects, bottling, product research and accounting. 

Achaia Johnson

Achaia loves free diving around our beautiful island home, hanging out with friends, playing the Ukulele and managing her family’s essential oil company. Her exuberant, fun, and friendly vibe attracts many wonderful friends who love her.

In fact, all current employees of Miracle Botanicals are friends of Achaia. She’s a friendly manager who also knows how to keep people motivated.

Blaze Johnson

Blaze is a senior in high school who loves to workout, play his guitar, and hang out with friends. He works construction, works on his own car and plays sports at school. Blaze is a get-it-done kind of guy.

He likes to be independent and take care of himself. If he doesn’t know how to do something that interests him, he does not hesitate to learn how. Blaze has close relationships with his friends. He’s great at conversation and people generally feel very comfortable in his presence.

Braun Johnson

Braun is a full fledged gamer. At present he enjoys Roblox and watching YouTube videos made by other gamers. Braun has many followers of his own on Roblox. He has an extensive vocabulary for any age and his knowledge and understanding of worldly things make his parents marvel.

Braun has many online friends and just a few friends he knows in person. He is known as the Fairy Prince to his mom because of the way he happily skips around the house.

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