Essential Oils for Support and Stability

The current state of the world seems to have many people feeling like they can use some emotional support right now. Thankfully, essential oils make the perfect emotional support companions.

Every painful or uncomfortable feeling is underwritten by the energetic frequency of fear, while essential oils vibrate at the frequency of truth, which is love. When essential oils enter the body’s energy field, they encourage our minds to achieve a higher energetic frequency.

The essential oils’ encouragement to allow a higher energetic frequency of mind is gentle and playful, yet powerful and profound. Essential oils bypass that logical aspect of our mind which is conditioned in fear, and they call to the aspect of our mind that knows beyond a doubt that we are only love and only love is real.

Essential oils inspire us, without forcing a thought system on anyone, to release untruths so that we can recognize the joy that always remains. That’s why for thousands of years, essential oils have been used as medicine for uplifting the mood and for restoring the mind to its natural emotion, which is love.

While all essential oils can be used for emotional support, there are a few that stand out in this arena. I’ll list some here, but this is by no means a complete list. In fact, any essential oil that pleases your senses can work wonders for supporting you emotionally, especially if the essential oil is being used with that intention in mind.

Revered by aromatherapists as the go-to essential oil for general anxiety. Neroli is a very rare and expensive oil, which we offer pure and also as a 10% dilute to make this wonderful medicine more affordable and more available.

For a potent blend that incorporates neroli, frankincense, and palo santo, I recommend Wisdom & Stillness A blend that was channeled through me for a still mind and receptivity to Divine wisdom.

Also known as lemon balm, melissa is revered by aromatherapists as the go-to essential oil for shock or extreme trauma. Melissa essential oil is also known as a sedative, so it’s great for quieting the mind in preparation for sleep. As this is also a rare and somewhat expensive oil, we also offer it as a 10% dilute.

For a potent sleep blend that incorporates melissa, I recommend Sweet Dreams A blend that was channeled through me for quieting the body and mind for restful sleep.

Known as the most calming essential oil, cape chamomile contains more esters than any other essential oil, and esters are well known in aromatherapy for its calming effects to the nervous system.

Cape chamomile is one of the ingredients in Freedom, a blend channeled to me for releasing self-limiting thoughts and inspiring emotional freedom.

May all beings feel free to be the love that they are!

With fragrant blessings,

Hope Johnson

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