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Essential Oil Personal Products

Essential oils have gotten a lot of exposure over the past few years. Most often, the focus has been on using a single essential oil for improving some health issue, usually through inhalation or through diluted application to the skin.

With all this new exposure, its easy to forget essential oils have been used for a long time in a less direct, but equally effective way. Im talking about the centuries-old practice of adding essential oils to personal products such as skin creams, lotions, and shampoos.

Miracle Botanicals offers individual essential oils, and we also offer a range of personal products that include beneficial essential oils. With our personal products, youll be sure:

  • you are getting high quality essential oils within each product
  • you are getting other high-quality ingredients (Im talking about things like carrier oils such as argan oil)
  • you WONT get any mystery chemicals or other unnecessary additives
  • you are paying a fraction of the price that big-name cosmetic companies charge

Heres a quick rundown of a few of the personal products we offer:

Natural Sunscreen

Many natural sunscreens dont pass our test of whats healthy for the skin. A natural sunscreen needs to be both effective and safe, and thats exactly what our sunscreen offers.

This natural sunscreen has been tested under the powerful Hawaiian sun. It is waterproof and effective (we are guessing around SPF 45).

Its magic is due to two kinds of ingredients. First, it contains natural carrier oils, essential oils, and plant butters that have powerful anti-oxidant effects, and which prevent and can even reverse skin damage thats caused by sun exposure. Second, this sunscreen also contains non-nano zinc oxide, the safest and most effective way to reflect UV rays without absorbing any chemicals into the skin.

Get Da Funk Out Natural Deodorant

Get Da Funk Out - Natural Deodorant

Commercial deodorants typically contain aluminum, a toxic ingredient thats been shown to build up in the body and thats even been tied to an increased rate of cancer. Definitely not something you want to put on your skin each day. And if thats not bad enough, commercial deodorants are full of synthetic fragrances that many people are allergic to.

Because of this, we are offering a deodorant based on all-natural ingredients. This deodorant is mild and effective, and it contains anti-bacterial essential oils to neutralize body aroma (stinkiness is actually caused by bacteria that are breaking down sweat).

Our natural deodorant comes in a plastic applicator and is applied just like a conventional stick deodorant. Best of all? In our experience, this all-natural deodorant is more effective than any conventional product.

Super Custom Anti-Aging Essential Oils Blend

You know those expensive anti-aging serums and lotions? At bottom, their anti-aging effect comes down to unique carrier oils like foraha and argan oils and you guessed it, to key essential oils. The trouble with these commercial anti-aging products is you are paying through the nose and getting dubious quality carrier and essential oils.

This is why we provide a powerful anti-aging aromatherapy blend. This blend combines 8 100% pure anti-aging essential oils and 6 of the most skin-beneficial carrier oils. And it doesnt contain any additives, preservatives, fillers, or unnecessary chemicals.

You can apply this blend to hydrate and nourish your skin, regenerate skin cells, and reduce or even remove wrinkles. On top of all this, you can customize this blend as you like by adding or removing some oils. Click here to find out more.


Coffee Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub

Our Coffee Body Scrub combines Organic Hawaiian Coffee Beans, Himalayan Crystal Salt, and a blend of premium therapeutic grade Essential Oils. When rubbed on the skin, this scrub exfoliates, leaves the skin smooth and glowing.

In addition, the essential oils included in this scrub purify and cleanse the skin thanks to their antiseptic properties. This scrub will leave your skin supple, rejuvenated, and smelling amazing.

A final word: like our essential oils, all our personal care products are Reiki charged by me, Hope Johnson. They are made in Hawaii and they work in synergy with each other and with your body. Click here to discover all the personal products we offer.

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