Essential Oils for Babies and Children

Essential oils are great for people of all ages, but when using essential oil for babies and children, special precautions should be observed.

Babies and children have an especially sensitive sense of smell.  Essential oils are very potent and can be intense and even dangerous for children if they are not properly diluted or if the essential oil is not age appropriate. Essential oils should be diluted before applying to the skin of a baby or child, and should 

not be administered around children’s eyes, nose, or mouth.

essential oils for babies and children

It takes only six weeks for babies to recognize their mother’s scent and distinguish between their mothers and someone else’s undershirt.  Fragrance may be the first secret love bond of life, connecting mother and child in a wonderful way.

The value of aromatherapy essential and carrier oils, combined with massage, is enormous.  If the correct oils are used in their correct dosage, the benefits are endless as there are no side effects, only advantages.  

Babies and Children respond very well to aromatherapy and they enjoy the sweet fragrances as much as adults do.

If children are hyperactive after attending a birthday party and having loaded themselves with sugar, lavender and other balancing oils which have a calming effect can soothe them.  Coughs, colds and runny noses can quickly be addressed with the essential oils to prevent further spread of respiratory infections.  Eczema, asthma, abdominal cramps and other conditions respond well to the essential oils as well.

Gentle essential oil blend

To make it easy, we came up with a Gentle Blend that only includes essential oils that are safe for children of all ages. Be sure to use the Dilution Ratios specified below when administering this pure essential oil blend to babies or children.

Recommended Essential Oils and Dosages for Infants, Toddlers and Older Children:

Dilution is strongly advised when administering essential oils to babies and children. Diluting essential oils is easy, but it’s important to use a high quality, authentic carrier oil. 

All of Miracle Botanicals’ carrier oils are suitable for babies and children. You can use them on their own in any quantity for soothing massage and they are recommended as a medium for diluting essential oils for therapeutic purposes. 

Some of my favorite carrier oils for babies and children are Meadowfoam Seed, Raspberry Seed, Foraha (especially if they’re dealing with pain), and Macadamia nut oil.

Here are some essential oils that are Suitable for Children with the Number of Recommended Drops Per age, per ounce of carrier oil:

Note: There are many synthetic essential oils on the market. Please Do Not use synthetic oils on babies, children or any other person. Miracle Botanicals takes great care to ensure that all essential oils are authentic.

Some Specific Uses of Essential oils for Babies and Children

Formulate in accordance with drops per age and age-appropriate oils:

Carrier Oils For Babies & Children

All of our carrier oils are suitable for babies and children. You can use them in any quantity for massage and as a medium for diluting essential oils that you are administering for therapeutic purpose.

Children's bath and essential oils for babiesChildren’s Bath:

Children benefit therapeutically from essential oils used in their baths, but it is necessary to exercise caution when using essential oils.  It is important not to exceed the recommended drops and to add essential oil to a carrier BEFORE adding it to the bath. The carrier can be 1/2 cup of of crystal salt, 1 oz fatty liquid such as light cream, whole milk or carrier oil before adding to the bath.  Never use undiluted essential oils in a child’s bath.  The following is a guideline:

Drops of Essential Oil to Use in a Bath for Babies & Children

Remember to add the essential oil to a carrier BEFORE adding it to the bath (see above)

Up to 3 months………….Do Not add essential oils to the bath

Up to 2 years old………..A single drop is plenty

Up to 5 years old………..Up to 3 drops

Up to 12 years old………..Up to 4 drops

Over 12 years old……….Use adult quantities

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