Dreaming with Essential Oils

Can Essential Oils Help Stimulate Dreaming?

Dreams can be one of the most powerful, mysterious and fascinating occurrences of life. Like memories we create in our sleep, we can wake up remembering dreams in great detail, sometimes even receiving insight to life.

There are many dream interpreters, prophetic and psychic dreamers that utilize their dreams in a profound and mystical way. Yet, there are also many of us who wake up and can’t seem to clearly remember any details of a dream at all.

We have all been there, waking up on the cusp of a dream, wishing to remember all the fun details. So, we tested several of our essential oils to discover which could help us connect and tune-in deeply with our dreams. We found several to strengthen dream recall including our Artemisias, Rose Otto, Lavender and Jasmine Essential Oils.

Reach Complete Relaxation

Quality of sleep has a significant impact on well-being and can affect the mental and physical state greatly. Reaching restorative sleep can strengthen mental, physical and spiritual health. To support you in reaching this restorative sleep state, we created our Essential Oil blend Sweet Dreams.

Fine French Lavender and Cape Chamomile Essential Oils can also help soothe the mind and relax the body when ushering in a good night’s rest. Try diffusing and applying topically before sleep.



Enter into a Dream State 

Members of the plant genus Artemisia, such as Mugwort, Owyhee, African Wormwood, Absinthe Wormwood, Davana and Tarragon, have been utilized for enhancing dream states throughout history. Try applying these powerful essential oils topically or diffusing before sleep occasionally. (Do not use Artemisias if pregnant or breastfeeding.)


Most commonly known as being a dream herb, Mugwort has even been used to inspire lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when one becomes conscious of dreaming within the dream itself.

Although these Artemisia essential oils differ greatly in aroma, they all have many properties in common — including that they contain high levels of thujone, a chemical component that may create subtle psychoactive effects. This could be why Artemisia Essential Oils aid in dream recall. Some have experienced feeling lighter and more airy when applying topically or diffusing Artemisias like Wormwood Absinthe Essential Oil. (Did you know that there is an alcoholic beverage called absinthe that is distilled from the Wormwood Absinthe plant? It has been shown to contain thujone as well, and it’s dreamy properties have inspired people to nickname this drink the Green Fairy.)

Artemisia Essential Oils are also incredible to use in aiding pain relief, clearing the air pathways and stimulating creativity. To find out more, check out our Artemisia Set listing

It is important to note not to use any Artemisia consistently over a long period of time. When using an Artemisias it is safe to use occasionally and at most for 6-7 days consecutively. 

Jasmine and Rose Essential Oils 

Not only do Jasmine and Rose Otto Essential Oils have an intoxicating joyful floral aroma but they both can stimulate creativity and positivity, open the heart, relax the mind and body and aid in dream recall! 

Rose Otto is one of the highest vibrational essential oils available. No flower is more closely associated with love than the rose, and for good reason. Rose Otto has powerful aphrodisiac properties, whether it is inhaled, applied to the skin, or used to create a relaxing and fragrant bath. Rose Otto instills feelings of love, compassion, abundance, and gratitude. It is uplifting, and can remove feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression. It’s considered to be one of the key essential oils for balancing the heart chakra.

The openly connected state that is invoked when working with this oil can also facilitate better dream recall. It makes sense that what would help us open our hearts to things in our external reality may also help us open our hearts to the information that lies waiting for us in our own subconscious dream states.

Jasmine flowers also have historically and culturally been associated with prosperity and love. Thanks to its unique and seductive aroma, Jasmine Essential Oil is a powerful natural aphrodisiac as well. It stimulates passion and desire while taming inhibitions and quieting thoughts.

Not only can Jasmine help ease insomnia, but it is also thought to facilitate the mental clarity and uplifted state of being that is needed in order to experience prophetic dreams. This uplifting aroma can also help relieve depression and let go of negative emotions while increasing feelings of calm and well-being. 

Anticipate Dream Recall

Many active dreamers utilize a dream journal near their bedside to write down their dream upon waking up in the morning. The anticipation of remembering their dream in itself can help stimulate dream recall.

Developing this rich rapport with your mind and heart through dreams is one easy way that we can experience greater self-intimacy and add richness to the aspects of our human experience that are not linear. These plant allies can provide expert guidance while we explore our own inner terrain.

Have fun exploring these dreamy essential oils!

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