How to Safely Use Essential Oils for Babies and Children? | Miracle

Essential Oils for Babies and Children

Essential oils are great for people of all ages, but when using essential oil for babies and children, special precautions should be observed. Babies and children have an especially sensitive sense of smell. Therapeutic essential oils are very potent and should not be administered around childrens face/nose. It takes only six weeks for babies to []

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Tap into Spiritual Connection with Cosmic Journey Essential Oil Blend

Preview in a gooNamed because it feels like a voyage to the infinite cosmos, Miracle Botanicals’ Cosmic Journey Blend is for those who are ready to examine the energies and relationship of our surroundings, awaken latent spiritual abilities, and guide those of us who walk the path of light. Just as our Wisdom & Stillness Blend is for looking inward and examining oneself through the lens of introspection, our Cosmic Journey Blend is for looking outward and examining oneself through the lens of search

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The Advantages of Clove Bud Essential Oil

Clove is the aromatic flower bud of the Syzygium aromaticum tree, native to Indonesia. Clove bud is dried and commonly used as a spice to add flavor and aroma to several foods and hot beverages. Aromatherapists use Clove Bud Essential Oil to bring patience and persistence, cleanse the mouth, brighten a room, and as a powerful cleaning agent.

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Cleanse the Home and Heart with Nootka Tree Essential Oil

Our homes are sacred spaces in which we are invited to be the truest version of ourselves. Essential oils can offer a holistic remedy that encourages this by purifying our homes with a natural substance that invokes cleansing, refreshing energy! Nootka Tree Essential Oil offers a woodsy and warm essence that invites the cleansing properties of nature into your home and heart.

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A Friend to the Feminine: Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil

Created from one of the highest qualities of geranium, our Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil is a true ally to the feminine. Its hormone balancing and PMS relieving qualities can make it a wonderful tool for those interested in invoking their feminine energies through aromatherapy. Breathe in its sweet, floral aroma and enjoy the rich qualities that this oil has to offer!

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Embrace the Warmth of Summer with Oregon Lavender EO

Bask in the revitalizing warmth of summer with Oregon Lavender Essential Oil! Let it provoke comfort for the mind, body, and spirit that encourages relaxation and a divine sense of calm. Its sweet, gentle scent provides a pleasurable aromatic experience to enjoy throughout the seasons. 

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