Cannabis Essential Oil: A Gentle Plant Medicine Alternative

Although a controversial plant in recent human history, prior to the modern era Cannabis Sativa was widely used as a homeopathic plant medicine for centuries. Most known for its reputation as a smokeable remedy, the application of Cannabis Sativa extends far beyond this popular use. Discover how Cannabis Sativa, in the form of an essential oil, can benefit your wellbeing…

Cannabis is thought to be one of the first plants ever cultivated. Archaeological evidence suggests that its use date as far back as the neolithic ages in ancient Asia. It is assumed that people then used it for rope, textiles, paper, food, medicine, and yes, even its psychoactive properties.

This multi-purpose plant was embraced by cultures from geographic regions such as China to Japan, Korea, India, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. It wasn’t until the rise of European Colonialism in the late 1800s when widespread restrictions of the plant were attempted. 

Thankfully, today such restrictions are beginning to relax, and we can once again freely enjoy the many forms and benefits of Cannabis, even the more “tame,” easily accessible ones! In fact, whether you are a smoker or not, you might like to discover just what this not-so “high” frequency plant medicine can do for you.

What does it smell like? Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil smells like a fresh, green, resinous plant. It does not smell smokey or musty like you might think. 

Now, let’s address your most burning question: No, Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil will not “get you high” or induce any intoxicating effects. Our Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaf and flower of the plant at a very low temperature which preserves chemical compounds known as terpenes but does not activate the more popularly known compounds THC or CBD.

What do terpenes do? They are best known for easing pain and inflammation, soothing depression and anxiety, and even discouraging the growth of cancerous cells. In fact, the terpenes are actually much more well-preserved in this process when compared to other common methods of Cannabis extraction. 

Check out the recipes below to learn how you can use Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil to benefit your wellbeing…

No-Inflammo Balm

Do you experience chronic pain in any specific muscles, joints, or other areas of the body? Try this simple recipe…

Blend oils in the palm of your hand and apply onto inflamed or painful areas. Use regularly for best results. 

Mellow Your Mood

A gentle way to use Cannabis Sativa as a solution to support symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Blend oils together in a small dish or in the palm of your hand. Anoint the forehead and temples. Continue to slowly massage these areas while focusing on the breath.  

Cancel Carcinogens

The science is out that the terpenes found in Cannabis can actually halt the increase of cancerous cells. It remains to be shown how Cannabis Essential Oil comes into play in this role, but we recommend the following if you are looking for support in this way.

Place oil in a diffuser according to your specific diffuser’s instructions. Blend with your favorite carrier oil to stretch the application or check out our Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil Dilute in Moringa.

Both tried and true users of Cannabis, as well as newcomers alike, can enjoy the medicinal benefits of Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil. If you are feeling curious about this special product, you can find it in our online shop by clicking below…

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