Brighten Up with Tangerine Essential Oil

When you breathe in the fruity aroma of pure Tangerine Essential Oil, you’ll be engulfed by a sweet, citrus scent. Although tangerine is a small fruit, it offers huge perks! Enjoy the many benefits that Tangerine Essential Oil has to offer by boosting your mental wellness, skincare, quality of sleep, spiritual wellbeing, and physical health.

Our pure Tangerine Essential Oil is extracted by cold pressing only the peel of the fruit. This powerful fruit has been used for thousands of years as a natural health remedy. It originates from Brazil and is known by the botanical name, Citrus Reticulata. In Chinese culture, freshly picked tangerines are deemed emotional cleansers and are placed on display around the home during springtime to invoke the changing tone of the season and to inspire positivity and light.

You can surely brighten up your mood with a good whiff of Tangerine Essential Oil! A negative mindset can prevent us from reaching their full potential. Tangerine Essential Oil offers an aromatic influence that helps you experience life from a more optimistic standpoint. Creativity, cheerfulness, spontaneity, and liveliness are all known to be associated with the emotional benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil. Embrace the positive vibrations when you are feeling down to be uplifted!

People also commonly use Tangerine Essential Oil as a natural way to gain clarity and a sense of focus by cleansing a cluttered mind. Diffuse this oil the next time you’ve got a big deadline to meet and want to promote a concentrated, yet optimistic mindset. It is known to greatly reduce stress levels and remove feelings of irritability. Be able to put your best foot forward and tackle any task at hand!

While being great for emotional uplift, Tangerine Essential Oil may also ease insomnia. It contains a high concentration of the chemical compound limonene, which reduces anxiety and increases relaxation. We even add this oily ally as an ingredient in our Sweet Dreams Blend for those of you who are in need of a full night’s rest.

Do you struggle with constant bloating or an upset stomach? Tangerine Essential Oil is often used to aid digestion. Ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your meals by soothing residual discomfort with ease with the support of this high-frequency plant medicine.

Tangerine Essential Oil also offers anti-inflammatory properties that promote circulation throughout the body and reduces swelling due to fluid retention. If you sit or stand in the same position for hours on end most days, diffuse or massage it into your skin with a carrier oil to get your blood flowing properly.

You can also employ Tangerine Essential Oil to help treat acne and other skincare issues. Its antiseptic properties act as a disinfectant that cleanses the skin and minimizes the appearance of scars, acne spots, and stretch marks. Not to mention, it will add a rich, citrusy aroma to your skincare routine that can make you feel fresh and bright all day!

* Please note that Tangerine and other essential oils are photosensitive. Avoid using them topically when you expect to be in direct sunlight. 

Try out these simple recipes if you are feeling called to Tangerine Essential Oil!

Creative De-Blocker Diffusion

In a creative slump? Invoke a greater connection to your playful, creative inner child and let the ideas roll in. 

Use equal parts of each essential oil in your diffuser for a rich aroma. 

All Natural Stretch Mark Reducer

Try this natural approach to reducing your stretch marks with this blend of pure oils.

Combine oils together and massage onto stretch marks. Use once daily. * Please note that Tangerine and other essential oils are photosensitive. Avoid using them topically when you expect to be in direct sunlight. 

Focused Mind Diffuser

Concentrate on the important tasks at hand the next time you need to get things done efficiently.

Use equal parts of each essential oil in your diffuser for a rich aroma.

Tangerine Essential Oil is full of positive energy and beneficial properties that improve your total wellbeing. Put it to great use as part of your oily collection today!

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