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Amyris Essential Oil, also called West Indian Sandalwood, is less expensive than true Sandalwood, but offers great applications that have been used for 4000 years! Much easier on the budget than true Sandalwood.

Amyris Essential Oil is used by aromatherapists to relieve stress, aid in sleep, revitalize skin, and jumpstart romantic relationships. With warm, woody, earthy aromas, many find Amyris Essential Oil uplifting, while helping to ground emotions and provide the confidence one needs to move forward with calm and ease. 

Amyris, also known as West Indian Sandalwood, is native to India and is traditionally used in perfumes, medicines, cosmetics, soaps, and incense. The trunks of the Amyris tree are full of potent resin, so much that the wood of the Amyris burns long and bright, earning it the nickname “Torchwood.”

Amyris Essential Oil is a great choice for relieving stress. Diffuse Amyris Essential Oil to bring a calming and stress-reducing effect to your school, home, and work environments, helping you remain focused and improving cognitive function. 

Amyris Essential Oil is used to assist with sleep. By allowing the body and mind to relax, Amyris Essential Oil helps sleep come faster, last longer, and allows the body to wake feeling rested and restored.

Amyris Essential Oil is a great addition to an anti-aging skincare routine. Amyris, diluted in carrier oil, is used by aromatherapists to create an uplifting radiance, help regenerate cells faster, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, add elasticity, and improve the tone and texture of skin. Amyris Essential Oil may have a little of the “fountain of youth” energy.

Amyris is also considered a torch in romantic relationships. Used as a mood setting aromatic, Amyris becomes a natural aphrodisiac. For women, Amyris Essential Oil has the power to align feminine energy with that of the moon. The moon is often a depiction of the feminine. For men, Amyris Essential Oil has the power to enhance virility. For both sexes, Amyris Essential oil allows for the heart to be open in a receptive state of being, drawing us closer to our romantic partners, and enhancing attraction.

Included are several recipes to get the most out of Amyris Essential Oil.

Amorous Amyris Diffuser Blend

Set the mood for romance with this aphrodisiac diffuser blend

Add to your diffuser and enjoy!

Daily Delight - Support Rollerball

Support the immune system, respiratory system and nervous system while also smelling delightful!

Add these essential oils to a rollerball and top off with a preferred carrier oil. Apply behind ears, top of spine, wrists… for a subtle but delightful perfume and all day grounded support.

Anti-Aging Beauty Potion

You are gorgeous!  But we all know the environment and sun can cause damage to our skin.  So take some time for self care and tap into the “fountain of youth” with this blend.

In a small pump container blend Essential Oils with Pomegranate Seed Oil.  Mix gently.  Then apply 4-5 pumps of the Anti-Aging Beauty Potion to the face using finger tips.  For added benefits, use a jade roller for additional stress relief and gentle stimulation of collagen in the skin.  

Amyris Essential Oil is a budget friendly oil with outstanding benefits.  Use Amyris to pump up a beauty routine or create a calm, stress free atmosphere in the home.  Set the mood with Amyris Essential Oil! 

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