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You are in for a very rare find with Pemou Essential Oil! Also known as Siam Wood, this earthy oil comes all the way from Vietnam and has been used as a valuable tool in traditional medicine and spirituality for ages. It has even been thought to bring eternal life! Its rich, warm aroma offers a sweet fragrance that can help one feel secure and alleviate feelings of loneliness. As a topical treatment, it can also serve as a powerful anti-aging skincare serum and pain reliever.

Pemou Essential Oil is made from the wood and roots of a needled evergreen tree that is botanically named Fokienia Hoginsil. These trees are a part of the Cypress family and are native to the alpine forests in China, Northern Laos, and Vietnam. It is made into an essential oil through steam distillation and has a pale peach-orange color with a medium consistency.

As a topical treatment, Pemou Essential Oil can serve as a skincare and pain relief serum. This is due to its high concentration of the chemical compounds nerolidol and fokienol. These act as natural defensive offering effective anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aromatherapists use Pemou Essential Oil to reverse and prevent free radical damage to skin cells, a major cause of premature skin aging. The sedative properties in this oil may also aid in relieving muscle tension and offer powerful pain relief to soreness and aches in the body.

Energetically, Pemou Essential Oil is thought to connect one to a sense of groundedness and stability. It is also said to relieve feelings of isolation and loneliness as one connects to its earthly properties.

In a meditative healing session, use the grounding effects of Pemou Essential Oil to reconnect to humble, earthly divinity and community. Find your sense of self among the current collective of living souls born and present on this earth and tune into a true sense of togetherness.

These recipes can help you get great use out of Pemou Essential Oil!

Earthy Anti-Aging Serum

As a natural skin care remedy, this organic serum will provide a woodsy, nature walk towards anti-aging. 

Mix the oils together and apply gently to clean, dry skin before bed.

Grounding Aromatherapy Diffusion

Feel a true sense of security and stability in your next meditative session with this diffusion.

Mix and match oils as you please to find the perfect combination. 

Minty Pain Relief Blend

Feel the tingles and allow the organic, anti-inflammatory properties of this blend to relieve those aches and pains. 

Mix oils together and massage into aching muscles and joints.

Pemou Essential Oil is a very rare find packed with valuable healing properties. Benefit from this high-frequency plant medicine and its ancient spiritual wisdom by making it part of your oily collection…

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