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A Royal Affair: The Intoxicating Gifts of Neroli

Neroli embodies the scent of orange trees bursting into bloom in Spring during the dewy hours of dawn. It’s the smell of Egypt in late April, when farmer’s weathered hands are rich with the smell of the freshly picked porcelain blossoms, the same scent that has graced queens, maharajas, and royalty the world over. Cleopatra was famously in love with the sweet, exotic notes in Neroli and was known to soak the sails of her boat with the oil when traveling to Rome to meet her beloved Mark Antony; knowing the seductive scent would fill the ocean air and herald her arrival before she was ever seen. Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I and the Princess of Nerola, just to name a few, were all said to have worshipped the scent and paid handsomely in order to have their perfume makers stock the fragrance for daily use.

The flowers of the thorny, bitter-orange tree that Neroli is steam-distilled from, go under a rigorous harvesting process, ensuring that the blooms are gathered just upon opening on warm, sunny days and handled with meticulous care so that they aren’t bruised or mixed with petioles or leaflets. Immediately after being hand-picked, these delicate flowers are tenderly steam-distilled maintaining the essence of only the most vibrant, robust buds at the peak of their freshness.

This honeyed, slightly bitter essential oil is delicately sweet and has a highly energetic vibration making it a joyous and uplifting addition to any blend. It is a great beauty tonic and can improve cell regeneration for the reduction of scars, stretch marks and discoloration of the skin. Dry and mature skin in particular, benefit from the topical application of Neroli, as it is known to moisturize and revitalize tired skin. Because of its ability to improve mood and overall disposition, this oil can also be diffused or added to bath water to counter feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability or insomnia.

  • 4 drops of Neroli E.O.
  • 3 drops Jasmine E.O.
  • 2 drops Rose Otto E.O.

Add this blend to your favorite carrier oil at a 10% dilution ratio and apply to skin to smell like royalty all day long!

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