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niaouli-essential-oilThe Niaouli tree (Melaleuca quinquenervia) is a sweet, uplifting and camphorous smelling plant that is so closely related to Eucalyptus that it is often times mistaken for its more commonly known cousin. In the native lands of the South Pacific and Australia, Aborigines have long been integrating this healing plant in their daily routines to treat everything from skin abrasions to bronchial blockages. In New Caledonia and Madagascar the leaves are ground and applied as a poultice for harvest season workers on coffee plantations when harvesters hands start to show wear and tear during picking season. Its calming, soothing effects work to soothe aches and pains as well as expedite the healing of the skin. 

This swamp loving tree, also referred to as the ‘Skin’, ‘Paperbark’, or ‘Punk Tree’ can grow to live over 100 years and can withstand bushfires, droughts and floods! 

Niaouli has been introduced as an ornamental plant in many tropical areas of the world, including SouthEast Asia, Africa and the Americas and is widely regarded as a weed due to its ability to reproduce unchecked in non-native habitats, which greatly effects the integrity of native ecosystems. 

This abundant natural resource has many modern day uses. When feelings of sickness or general malaise start to arise, we find that diffusing Niaouli oil in your space can help to cleanse the air and open up airways lending to a greater sense of health and general wellness. Gargling with a drop of Niaouli in your mouth rinse or adding a drop to your toothpaste can also help facilitate your oral hygiene regimen due to its established antibacterial properties. 

Just make sure to remember that using this oil in its pure undiluted form directly on the skin can cause adverse effects. This oil can also be particularly harsh on the delicate skin of the face and neck and should be heavily diluted if you are considering applying it to these sensitive areas. 

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