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7 Essential Oils To Improve Sleep


Sleep seems to be intricately connected to health, so today I’m excited to share with you about essential oils that may help you get the appearance of improved sleep, and ultimately help you to resolve the mistaken belief that energy and health are connected to sleep in the first place.

The mind uses the appearance of deep, restful sleep to make the effect of recovering from the stress of everyday life. Specifically, the mind uses sleep to make the appearance of your muscles getting repaired, your brain getting cleared of toxins, forming new memories, and producing the necessary hormones for the upcoming day.

However, when it appears to the conditioned mind that you are not getting enough sleep, your health will soon show it in many big and small ways. And the perceived problem is made worse by a feedback mechanism: worry about poor sleep contributes to poor health, which in turn makes your sleep seemingly get worse.

So how do you address the sleep issue while also resolving the mind’s idea that sleep is necessary in the first place?

The first step is to encourage your mind to make the appearance of getting enough quality sleep. Using essential oils as a remedy for improving sleep is a gentle and enjoyable way to make that magic happen.

Moreover, essential oils are coherent and they know that you don’t actually need sleep at all for energy and vitality. When essential oils are used to make the appearance of improving sleep, they are also communicating with you on an energetic level the truth of who you really are and that you are not really vulnerable to sickness or sleep issues of any kind.

Which essential oils can help make the appearance of sleeping better? Heres a list of 7 oils that might be the most helpful:

In various ways, your mind can use these oils to get the effect of releasing anxiety, regulating and decreasing stress hormones, and relaxing nerves. The upshot is that your mind can also use these oils to make you apparently fall asleep more quickly and seemingly sleep more deeply.

To make it easier and more cost effective for our customers, during the editing of this article, I was inspired to put together a blend that includes all of these oils and more. The blend is called Sweet Dreams, and it just became our newest product.

How should you use these essential oils to improve sleep? There are several different ways.

First, you can blend 20 drops of Sweet Dreams, or alternatively one, some or all of the above essential oils with 1 oz. carrier oil. Massage this into the back of your neck, chest and the soles of your feet before going to bed.

Second, you can use these oils in an aromatic and relaxing bath before bed. Mix 15 drops of essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil, and then add this to your bathwater while the water is filling the tub.

Third, you can simply diffuse the essential oils to improve sleep in your bedroom this can be particularly effective if you have more trouble staying asleep rather than falling asleep.

Fourth, some people, especially children can experience dramatic effects simply by applying Vetiver to the soles of their feet. Please see this article for proper dilution ratios for children.

I hope this information helps you get the appearance of better sleep. And if you’d like some professional advice for improving sleep, I recommend my friend, experienced aromatherapist and ayurvedic herbalist, Molly McLaughlin.

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