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5th (Throat) Chakra Profile

The fifth spiraling energy center in our being is the Throat Chakra. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Vishuddha, which means, Purity. The fifth chakra is the first chakra that focuses on the spiritual plane, in a form of faith and understanding, for when it is open and balanced, the chakra syncs the powers of our heart, our personal domain, and our mind, our physical domain.The fifth chakra contributes to an understanding of the power of choice, as this power makes up every aspect of our lives. The power of our choices is highly connected with faith, in that we make our choices with either faith in our fears or faith in the Divine. Through this faith and choice connection, we hold the power of creation itself!


The Throat Chakra is located in the back of the throat, which is associated with the neck, jaw, ears, teeth, upper lungs, gums, mouth, esophagus, and the thyroid gland. The throat is the main center of our telepathic and verbal communication. Communication is done through self-expression, not only that of our own, but also through others expressions, in which the aspect of listening to what others have to offer is an important part of a balanced throat chakra. Due to the fifth chakras location of between the mind and the heart energies, it is important to make decisions uniting the energies of the heart and the mind, in order to understand and break through any patterns of wanting change but fearing the change at the same time. When making choices using both of the head and heart energies, without any judgments (fear) or expectations, we are putting our faith into the Divine and living in our Truth, which will allow healing, empowerment, and more of what is wanted out of life!


The throat chakra governs our ability to make decisions both mentally and emotionally, by acting as a bridge between the Heart chakra (love and forgiveness) and the third eye chakra (thoughts and mental energy.) The fifth chakra gives the ability to listen to our inner voice as well as the voice of compassion and wisdom, known as the Divine voice. Through understanding and trusting the combining of our inner voice and the Divine voice, we are able to live freely from judgment and fear. This act is known as living in our Inner Truth (intuition), meaning we will no longer have a need for enoforcing any beliefs or opinions onto others, as we may speak our truth with compassion and confidence, so as not to threaten others by personal beliefs and opinions. Through this Inner Truth, we can live in personal power with confidence and consciousness, all achieved through our thoughts and emotions!

Essential Oils to Balance the Throat Chakra

Support Inner Power, Confidence, and Strength





Ylang Ylang



Open up to the Hearing of Divine Wisdom





German Chamomile

Soothe Sore Throat




Tea Tree


Clary Sage

Oral Care




Clove Bud


Tea Tree

German Chamomile

Soothe Ear Aches and Infections



Tea Tree


German Chamomile

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