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5 Inventive Ways to use our Fall Leaves Blend

This crisp, earthy blend of Patchouli, Frankincense Neglecta, Fir Needle, Fir Balsam, and Orange essential oils is your gateway into the season of sugar and spice and everything nice. Fall Leaves will transport you to a forest freshly carpeted in fallen leaves and its smell will remind you of the coming cold weather and all its activities, including pumpkin carving, cider drinking and walks in the woods.fall-leaves-essential-oil

Our transitional, woodsy blend is especially helpful to us here in Hawaii, because we don’t actually experience the changing of the seasons, but we sure can capture its beautiful smells to remind us!

Keep scrolling to check out 5 unconventional ways we love to use this bodacious blend!

1. Add to Shampoo to Deter Fungus and Microbes

Due to the anti-microbial constituents present in several of the oils included in our Fall Leaves blend, it can be a wonderful boost to your scalp and hair care regimen. Mixing about 5 drops of this blend with your normal shampoo can cut down on dandruff, dry skin, and bacterial infections.

2. Create a Massage Blend to Soothe Sore Muscles

Adding this blend to your go-to massage oil or simply putting 5-7 drops in the carrier oil of your choice will instantly bring relief to sore and aching joints and muscles. Our Fir Needle essential oil is known to relax the body, reduce fatigue and calm anxiety that often times gets stored in your physical being.

3. Make Your Own Car Deodorizer

We all know the air in our car can get stale and musty from recirculation and just from the dirt and grime that naturally comes in from the outdoors. You can freshen up the atmosphere by putting a few drops of our Fall Leaves Blend on a cotton ball and clothes-pin that to the air vents. This is a simple solution to a smelly problem and a great alternative to “tree deodorizers” which are often laden with chemicals.

4. Blend with Moisturizer to Get Glowing Skin

An all-natural, healthy glow is easy to get with 2-5 drops of our blend combined with your favorite daily moisturizer. Use in the morning before starting your day to reap all the benefits of our 100% pure essential oils; particularly Patchouli, which boasts skin clearing and soothing properties, which are especially helpful in the drier months of winter and fall.

5. Scent Your Dryer Sheets

Add a couple of drops of Fall Leaves to a washcloth or unscented dryer sheet and toss it in with your freshly washed clothes or towels in the dryer to infuse the clean scent of fir and woods into your garments.

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